Hi! We're the AWE Student Leadership Team!


Hello,I'm Zion Im am your school president for the school year let me tell some things about me.My favorite color is blue and I 2 siblings one is not born yet but my other sibling is My brother Elijah.Thats some stuff about I look forward to working with all of you.


Hello my name is Elijah Dysart  I am your Vice President. Somethings about me are I play football,I have 2 siblings and i like streaming. Also i like playing video games. My favorite colors are orange and yellow. My favorite book is the crossover.


hii my name is Ilse chavez and i am a member of  the leadership team. A few things about me is that my favorite color is sage green. And I LOVE tamales.   have a nice day!


Hello everyone my name is Estrella, and I am your school secretary for this year and here are some things about me. I love anime and my favorite one is SAO. I also have 3 siblings, and my two  favorite colors are blue and gray. Lastly I love to play video games. 


Hello, I am Tania and I am your treasurer for this school year, and this is a few things about me. My favorite color is Baby blue. I love baby Grogu/ Baby Yoda. My favorite book is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. 


Hey everyone my name is Natalia and I  am a member of  Student Leadership team you guys can count on me and  giving me ideas and i will talk with SLT.


Hi my name is